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  • Dakshin Vrindavan is a paradise for cows. Its a heaven for the rescued cows. I just lost my heart to the efforts of Dakshin Vrindavan. They pamper the cows . From the slaughter house to a place of dignity and tranquility. These cows are exceptionally fortunate.

    Kurma Rupa Dasa

    Founder, Care For Cows Vrindavan

  • I am so happy to see this..you are doing a wonderful job

    Rajaneesh Narayan

    Geological Survey of India CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES

  • have been to this place last month. I must say i am wonderstuck by the dedication these people have for cow protection. Saving a cow from the hands of butchers is not an easy task. They risk their lives for the sake of poor cows and bulls. It is our duty to support them Finance them in all way you can. They stuggle for funds. Its not an easy task to maintain 40 plus cows. i have done all i can financialy. Pls support them. every dollar counts a lot.

    Alokachandra Dasa

    Pilot American Airlines

  • It is an excellent work ! God Bless Dakshina Vrindavan ! Great opportunity for us to do our might & I am sure all good things will happen in everybodys life. A chance to remember & cherish, our past culture & way of life. We have come far away & we should try to get back to nature.

    Chandar Venkatachari Rajan

    la gaufrette co

  • In Dakshin Vrindavan ,Noble men from vishnu loka have descended for the protection of dharma in the form of service to cows

    Prakash Srinivasan

    Software Programmer, HCL technologies

  • This is such great work...I hope every single Indian adopts one cow of Dakshin Vrindavan at least once in there lifetime.

    Satish Kumar

    University College Cork, Research Student

  • Yes really your place is full of greeneries.. I believe your cows are enjoying very much to stay in such a nice place with a nice kind hearted people.. Thanks for giving such wonderful, joyful atmosphere for rescued cows


    Software Engineer, HCL Technologies

  • I agree 100% about saving cows, being our social responsibly. I am really pleased to see all the great work you are doing towards this. You’ll always have my support.

    Priya Sivaraman

    BP London, United Kingdom

  • This project is 100 times more pleasing to god than a single prayer to deity. what can be pleasing to Krishna than saving his cows? You are truly  very blessed souls. This org is the need of the day!

    Sridhar Kalyanasundaram

    Business man Chennai

  • Dakshin Vrindavan was so captivating that i lived here Three days. I had a special bond with my cow. it is must place for animal lovers . for Dakshin vrindvan cow care is not an activity but a tapasya!

    Narayani Jayasree

    Beauty therapist

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