Projects undergone by our Gaushala


Upcoming Projects

  • Construction of compound wall
    January 25, 2017
    Once we move back to our permanent land we also wish to construct a fencing around the 2 acres so that the cows can move around freely in the entire 2 acres.
  • Completion of permanent Shelter
    January 25, 2017
    As we were forced to move out from our land, we had to pause the construction of shed. Once we move back we are planning to start the works on permanent shelter.
  • Return to our land
    January 25, 2017
    We are expecting a favorable response form the government for moving back to our own land.

Ongoing Projects

  • Measures to return to our procured land
    January 25, 2017
    We are in talks with Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi. We are looking Fwd for sufficient help to get back the own land, from where we were forced out. Please help us in reaching out to the State and central government offices.
  • Collection of Hay for 2017
    January 25, 2017
    As we need to collect hay for the entire year in the harvest season, we have to collect hay worth 6 Lakh. The amount has increased from previous years as the number of rescued cows in shelter has increased. Also we need to procure the hay before the end of February. So help us raise the funds.
  • Arrangement of green fodder on monthly basis
    January 25, 2017
    Our procured land from which we were forced out had an abundance of green pastures. But as we are in a rented land and the green pastures are not there in this rented  land, we have an additional burden of procuring green grass for the cows. For a cow Green Fodder, Dry Fodder and concentrates like oil cakes and bran is essential part of its diet. We now have a daily requirement of 1 tonne of green fodder which costs about Rs 5000, making a monthly expense of Rs.1.5 Lakh just for the green fodder. We find this a big burden as this has raised the monthly expenditure. We are in need of funds to manage till we get out our present crisis. We expect that government help us in going back to our land soon.

Completed Projects

  • Mother and calf rescued from Pattanamtitta
    January 25, 2017
    In a town called Pattanamtitta in Kerala a pregnant cow was going to be slaughtered. Sadly, the cow delivered a calf just before slaughter. As this was heart touching, this received a media attention. We pitched in and rescued the cow and calf and now they are in our shelter. They received adequate medical care. The calf had the uncut umbilical cord (which needed to be cut within few hours after the delivery) that caused severe infection in the calf even before he reached dakshin Vrindavan. Though the doctors tried their best he passed away.
  • Chaff cutter procured
    January 25, 2017
    For a better utilization of green and dry fodder we have purchased a machine known as chaff cutter which is used to cut the fodder. This method of cutting the fodder ( grass , hay etc) would reduce the wastage of fodder.
  • Relocated to a rented land
    January 25, 2017
    When the Communist party workers forced us from own land ( as they were against  Gaushalas and as they deem that cow are meant to be slaughtered), we had to vacate in 24 hour to save our rescued cows. This made us relocate to a rented land that does not have green pastures for the cows to graze. We have raised complaints to various government offices like CM of Kerala, and to many central ministry. We are looking forward to an amicable solution so that we can move back to our procured land, with proper security for the cows.
  • Started the construction of permanent shed
    January 25, 2017
    In the 10 acres of land that was procured for the cow with the help of many kind hearted donors, a shed that could house about 75 cows was planned to be constructed. The Roofing of the shed is almost completed when all of a sudden a lot of communist party workers forced us to vacate from our land. They were against Cow protection activities and said that cows are for business and for meat. They gave us just 24 hours to shift failing which they threatened to kill the cows. The local police could not help us.
  • Rescue of 17 cows
    January 25, 2017
    2016 was packed with some 17 rescues of cows and bulls from slaughterhouse. Amoung these 2 of them were rescued from a place in north kerala. One cow was rescued from Coimbatore, and the rest were rescued form Palakkad. We could have done more rescues , but our focus was shifted to building of sheds, procurement of land, feeding of the present herd etc.
  • Collection of fodder for 2016
    January 25, 2017
    Dry Fodder worth about Rs. 4 lakh was purchased for the year 2016. Usually dry rice straw or hay needs to be stocked up for the entire year in the harvest season. It costs some 100 Ruppes to buy one bundle of hay. One bundle of hay is approx. 20kg. We purchased 4000 bundles of hay that year which can sufficiently feed the cows for one whole year.
  • Rescue of two Bulls
    January 21, 2017
    One bull from Kerala and one bull from Madras was rescued by our team who were immediately adopted. The bull rescued from Kerala was saved by a few animal lovers who found him tied up to the butchers stall. The bull rescued from Chennai was abandoned by the farmer as he was considered “unproductive” in the farmer's Dairy farm.
  • Procurement of Permanent land for Gaushala
    July 30, 2015
    A lot of devotees of cows, to be precise five in number, have funded for the purchase of 10 acre land. The registration of the land is complete. Thanks to the kind heart of these devotees, our cows will now get to live in their own land. Let Cows, shower them with prosperity and happiness.They are sure to be blessed with all prosperity and happiness one aspire for. Before moving the cows to this land we need to construct a Gaushala. Please help us raise funds
  • Rescue of 20 cows
    July 30, 2015
    On a tip off that 20 bulls being loaded in a truck in a cruel manner in Bangalore,We volunteers of Dakshin Vrindavan Intercepted the truck and saved the bulls. the bulls were loaded in a cruel manner in the truck. With their tails twisted and chilies in the eyes, the cruelty inflicted was phenomenal. All the bulls were rescued with the help of police and were sent to Gaushala.
  • Collection of Fodder for 2015
    July 30, 2015
    Its harvest time which means time to stock up rice straw or hay for the cows for next one year. This is a highly expensive as we have to stock up fodder for next six months. One bundle of hay costs Rs 100 and we are stocking up about 2000 of such bundles. This is done in anticipation of the increasing number of cows in Dakshin Vrindavan.
  • Shifting of the temporary shed
    July 30, 2015
    Due to certain problems like lapse in the agreement of the previous land, the Gaushala was shifted to a new area. This area was leased for an year and temporary shed were constructed to house the cows. In the meanwhile, arrangements are being carried out to procure new land to permanently house our cows.
  • Rescue of a Kasargod Dwarf
    July 30, 2015
    A bull was seen tied up in a slaughter house in a place called Aluva near Ernakulam. It was the kind heart rendered by one of our Volunteer named Pradeep and his courage that helped the bull. Our volunteer, with the help of local support, rescued the bull. The Bull was transported to Dakshin Vrindavan. Bulls are unwanted in farming industry and are seen as a burden. Often they end up in slaughterhouses. Thanks to Pradeep and his team the bull is in safe heavens of Care for Cows Dakshina vrindavan Gaushala.
  • Rescuing 9 Kankrej Cows and bulls
    July 30, 2015
    These cows were rescued from Slaughter house near Mangalore . One of our volunteer was alerted by his friend near Mangalore about the cruel transportation of cows to a slaughter house. We rushed to the scene and with the help of local support, the 9 Kankrej cows were rescued As there were no severe injury, these cows and bulls were transported to Dakshin Vrindavan were they were given medical care.
  • Collection of fodder for 2014
    July 30, 2015
    This was not a very big fodder collection initiative as Dakshin Vrindavan did not have a big budget. But enough Hay was collected, as it was the harvest season in Kerala, to feed 20 cows for an year. The Hay was stacked in a store house near the renovated Cow shed. Also other fodders were regularly purchased and stacked in the same storage. Many delicious food were prepared and given to the cows to improve their health.
  • Rescue of four cows
    July 30, 2015
    A Tharparkar cows, which was suffering from uterine prolapse, due to which she could not get pregnant, was going to be abandoned by its owner. Our volunteers rushed in to saved her. She was given immediate medical attention. Later she was named Dawali. Two Gir female calves were rescued from a Slaughter house near Shivaji Nagar. Our volunteers rushed to the scene, and with the help of local Police, we rescued these cows from being Slaughtered.They were named Haridra and Bahula. Another Gir male calf, was found in an abandoned state. Luckly, the calf escaped the vulturing eyes of the butcher. The calf, who was later named Aadhira, was in the safe custody of Dakshin Vrindavan.  
  • Rescue of Srinivasan
    July 30, 2015
    In Madurai, in the hot parched days of April, A male calf was found near to a Slaughter house in collapsed unconscious state. The slaughter house said that this calf has expired. It was very evident that this calf was severely tortured by transporters and the butchers. Immediately, the calf was taken to a Vetenary hospital in Madurai. After being admitted to the hospital, the calf regained consciousness in about 4 hours. The calf was in the hospital for 5 days before he had gained the full health to be transported to Dakshin Vrindavan. He was named Srinivasan.
  • Rescue of Seethalakshmi
    July 30, 2015
    One of our volunteer, while driving in Madurai, was shocked to see a 2 month old cow looking at her as if she was her last resort. The 2 month old who was tied up in a Slaughter house, was in a heartbreaking state .She was tortured by applying chilly in her eyes and vagina, probably while she was transported.  Gathering up courage, our volunteer rushed to the slaughter house, having called up the police. Luckily, Police arrived just in time and the calf was rescued. The FIR filed calf was then transported to Dakshin Vrindavan, after the immediate medical needs were catered to. Having reached Dakshin Vrindavan, more medical care were given and now she leads a happy life.  
  • Arrangement of a temporary Gaushala
    July 30, 2015
    After Balaram was rescued, H.G Kurma Rupa Dasa, the Founder of Care for Cows, advised Ashwin on starting a Gaushala to house Cows saved from Slaughter Houses, Cows saved from cruel transporters and also Cows that are abandoned. He wanted this Gaushala, Care for Cows Dakshin Vrindavan, to be an independent wing of Care for Cows. Hence all the paper works were done. Now, a land to house these cows were to be identified. Many devotees pooled in ideas and a land which contained an old Gaushala was identified. It was renovated by Ashwin and the working almost started. H.G. Kurma Rupa Dasa, who always like to promote Gau seva, helped us by paying for the worker who looked after these cows.
  • Rescuing of our first resident - Balaram
    July 30, 2015
    A Tharparkar bull calf going to be sold to a butcher, led to the foundation of Dakshin Vrindavan. Our founder, Ashwin Sampatkumaran, on hearing the news, rushed to the farm which had decided to sell the bull calf. On convincing the farm owner about why it is important to protect cows, Ashwin took the bull calf along with him. Not knowing what to do, he took the calf to his home. With the guidance of H.G. Kurma Rupa Dasa, the founder of Care for Cows, and with the help of devotees of cows, he was preparing to take care of the cow. The bull calf, Balaram, was thus the reason for Care for Cows - Dakshin Vrindavan to be formed.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers and donors