Frequently Asked Questions.
These are the frequently asked questions
What is Dakshin Vrindavan?
Dakshin Vrindavan is a wing of care for cows international registered as a public charitable trust in India.
What does Dakshin Vrindavan do?
We save cows , bulls and calves from slaughter houses and provide them with life time care and attention. They rescued cows get nutritious food and excellent medical care.
How do you save cows?
Cow slaughter is banned in many indian states. And even in those states where cow slaughter is not banned, the laws to be followed while transporting cows are not followed . We save cows by alerting the police on such violations and filing court cases against the wrong doers.
What is the importance of Cows?
Please take time and go through the resources tab of our website.
How can I help mother cow?
Please help us in our endeavors by donating liberally.
Do I get tax benefit for donations?
Yes , You do! your donation is exempted from income tax according to 80G.
Can I donate through paypal?
We would soon make the facility available to our donors . Keep watching our updates.
Do you accept donation in Kind?
It depends. Edible items to the cows are strictly a NO NO due to security reasons. However you can always mail us and let us know about your donation . We would be more than happy to guide you.
Can I be a life member of Care for cows Dakashin Vrindavan?
One can become a life member of Care for cows International’s Dakshin Vrindavan by donating INR 5000. The fund would be used for cows.
How else can I help mother cow?
Simple spread the word!. become our volunteer . Please send us a mail with stating interests.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers and donors.