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We can save the cows from Slaughter houses, But we need your help to maintain them.Adopt a cow for yourself and we will look after the cow on your behalf.

Please follow our adoption program.

Here are our Adopted cows!

  • Parvathi
    Hey i am parvathy. i am born to Nallamma and i was taken to the butcher to be slaughterd mercilessly . i am saved by the volunteers of Dakshin Vrindavan. A million thanks to my sponsor Kalyana Krishnan who have adopted me . i am named parvathy by him. may my Lord Krishna bless you Kalyana Krishna
  • Andal
    Meet ANDAL. She was sold to a butcher near coimbatore as her mother was not a good milk producer. She was sold to butcher when she was jsut 1 year old. She was rescued by us and now she spends her days happily in meadows of Dakshin vrindavan. She is lovingly adopted by Prasanna Kesavan and Aarthi Prasanna and their beoved daughter. They decided to adopt Andal as their virtual member of family on this auspicuous day when the legendary great devotee Andal married the supreme lord Sri Ranganatha. Andal is one of the most extraordinary personalities in religious history. She is known in her native tongue of Tamil as an alvar, one who is "immersed" in the depths of enjoyment of God. May ANDAL Bless the couple and children immensly.
  • ANUJ
    i was "unwanted" by my owner because i am born a boy. i was promptly sent to slaughter house. But thanks to the volunteers of Dakshin Vrindavan. i am in their gaushala now. i was saved from slaughter!. now i hear that i am lovingly adopted by Dr Rengarajan Rajagopal from Chennai. He has named by Anuj. i am so happy to hear this. He has given me a life of dignity and pride.
  • Chintamani
    Meet "CHINTAMANI" She is a victim of the principle NO MILK=NO HOME. She was found near a heap of garbage in the city. She was clearly hungry. our founder Ashwin Sampatkumaran found her and called the cowherd men in gaushala Our cowherd men claimed the cow and calf were from a neighboring village and that they had been abandoned as the cow had gone dry.! its wonderful! some one milks her whole life and when she is unable to givem milk they kick her out!. our founder had a word with the owner of the dairy who kicked her out and paid him some money and took the cow to dakshin vrindavan. we perfectly know that she is not to be fed on garbage!. Now she grazes happily in the lush medows of Dakshin vrindavan. She is sponsored by a donor who wishes to be anonymouys. She is named as CHINTAMANI by him.
  • Devashri
    Meet "DEVASHRI". She was rescued from a butcher and is now lovingly adopted by Sandhya Srinivasan who have named this dazzling white calf as DEVASRI .
  • Ganga Lakshmi
    I just escaped from one of the most traumatic phase of my life.I was sent to the slaughter house when my mother was unable to give the required milk for my "dairy" master.On the way to slaughter house,because I objected to the abuse during transportation, and revolted against them.Green chillies and tobacco were inserted in my eyes and urinal track.Thankfully,great releif came from the cow lovers who rescued me and gave proper medical care and attention.I came to Dakshin Vrindavan and made friends who assured me a wonderful life here.I hear that Im lovingly adopted by Sridhar Krish and his good wife Shobha Sridhar and have named me GANGA LAKSHMI .Me and my friends will never forget this kindness.
  • janaki
    Meet Janaki. She was saved by our volunteers about an year back, from Slaughter house. All these days she was spending her time in a temporary shelter, awaiting legal clearance. She is adpoted by Deepak Hariharan and his wife Vasundhara Gopalan.
  • Kalindi
    Kalindi has been with us for about an year. she was rescued from a slaughter house in kerala... She is been adopted by Vasudevan T V nambootiri. she gave birth to a bull calf, and her baby needs a sponsorship Thekkedathu Mana
    It has become a fashion to raise cows for their high milk yield. In ancient times, Cows were never reared for profit, Every house would have couple of cows and bulls which they use for agriculture, and the calves are never sent out, The calves are never deprived of milk, people would simply take whatever remaining mlk the calf leaves and Sustain the family. The main purpose of keeping cows was for dung. Now with commericaisation people have gone for HIgh milk yiled cows, Biggest problem with this industry is that the moment the cow looses the milk yiled she is shown door out !. Where she is expected to be abducted by butchers or would feed on garbage and plastic. KODHAI is one such victim of commercialisation of Dairy. She is lovingly adopted by a couple from Singapore who wish to be anynymous. They have named her KODHAI. Another name for Andal(Incarnation of Mahalakshmi )
  • Mallika
    MALLIKA'S ORDEAL.Mallika was born in a village in kerala.She is of a very rare breed of dwarf cows called as vechur.Sadly,in a commercial world like this where milk production is everything,Mallika gave hardly any milk.So,she was soon let out in the streets to mend herself.She started depending of garbage for her survival and one fine day,one of our volunteers saw a group of men from a paticular religion trying to abduct her from the streets.Our volunteer intervened and the cow was saved.She is safe and healthy in our gaushala.She is being lovingly adopted by Venk Harry who have lovingly named her MALLIKA.
  • Namo
    The bull was on the way to slaughter house when our voulunteers alerted us . We tried to persuade the Butcher to handover the bull to us. (Kerala is a state where there is no ban on cow slaughter, as such there is no option to save them in a legal way unless there is a severe cruelty inflicted). In a surprising turn of events our volunteers pooled in money and saved the calf. This is first of such resuce . all the cows we have in Dakshin Vrindavan are saved from Tamilnadu or Karnataka where there are laws banning it. So we sight the laws and save cows and bulls there. But this kind of rescue is unique. Infront of our eyes all we see is a poor calf. nothing matters us than its plight. The calf is been adopted by Dileep Krishnan of Kovilakath Madom. Kovilakath madom tops the lists of donors by its members adopting 5 cows in our herd.
  • Padmini
    I am Padmini, The beautiful. i was saved when i was just 2 months old from a slautgher house by Dakshin vrindavan volunteers near Tamilnadu, i was lovingly taken care all these years by Archana Nair. She is my sponsor and i am eternaly greatful to her. Here in Dakshin Vrindavan, i eat and play with my friends and wait for ekadasi treats of fruits and sweets.
  • panchami
    Hi, I am Panchami, i was in the womb of my mother when she was taken to a slaughterhouse. I was born when she was about to be salughtered. After I was born, many good people saved me and my mother. Being adopted by Poornima Nair and her Family, I reside happily in the lands of Dakshin Vrindavan with my mom.
  • Radha
    Meet Radha , i am adopted by Pushpalatha Harikumar in loving memory of her mother . i was saved from slaughterhouses by the volunteers of Dakshin vrindavan. i gave birth to Panchami and am busy nursing her. I thank a ton to Pushpalatha for maintaning me.
  • Rukmini
    Hi,I am RUKMINI.I am a living testimony for the principle "no milk,no home" and I was sent to he butcher to end up as a human,s one time meal.Thankfully i was rescued and spending my days in a temporary shelter.Now I have recently moved to the lush meadows of Dakshin Vrindavan.Knowing fully about the plight of cows like us, Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh have lovingly adopted me.
  • Sarojini
    We got a information that a cow and calf are tied up in a slaughter house. Apparently the cow was supposed to be slaughtered and suddenly she gave birth. This was noticed by some locality who alerted the Media. Soon we involved Mrs Latha and Mr M.n. Jayachandran who spoke with the District collector and rescued the cow and calf. The cow and calf are safe in our shelter. Ashwin Mohan have taken up the responsibility of transportation and immediate medical care. Now that they are safe in Dakshin vrindavan. She is adopted by Dr Geeta
  • Simha
    Meet "SIMHA" , The youngest member of our Gaushala. He was born to Kalindi, who was rescued from slaughter house. males like him are often dumped to streets or sold to butcher. All of them gets shelter in Dakshin vrindavan. We fully understand that bulls are embodiment of Dharma or rightousness. He is lovingly adopted by Gomatum Sreenivaasan from Tiruvallikeni, Chennai. 4 of ou calves are adopted by the devotees of Lord parthasarathy temple, Tiruvallikeni. Because they are fully aware that the best way to please Lord Krishna is to protect his cows!
  • Sridevi
    Hi, i am Sridevi, adopted by Krishna Kossery for more than a year now. I was saved from a slaughterhouse in 2015 and was immediately adopted by Krishna Kossery. I was in a temporary shelter untill the legal hurdles could be cleared. Now I am spending my days munching on sweet tender grases of Dakshin Vrindavan. My heart felt thanks to Krishna Kossery for adopting me.
  • Subhadra
    What would be like to get kicked out of house once your master learn that you are unable to produce milk as he wants?. Exatly what this calf had to undergo. She was kicked out when She failed to be so called yigh milk yielder. She was sent out promptly to mend herselves in streets. She was hungry and malnourished. We took her in and she is eating well and have made friends with other residents who shared their similar story. All of them assured thus " Your life would transform from the day you are in Dakshin Vrindavan. You need a sponsor and you will get all you want, Freedom, plenty of food, exellent medical care and most importantly loving gaupalaks." Knowling her story full this calf is adopted with much enthusiam by Karthikeyan Sethuraman, who have named her SUBHADRA
  • Swarna Sita
    One year back the phone rang at 1am. a coimbatore localite's voice was full of alarm informing me of a cow laying in a puddle unable to get up surrounded by hungry dogs. I wish we had a vehicle on call 24/7 but we don’t. I wish we had a full-time vet but we don’t. I wish we had am ambulance but we don’t!. But one of our members managed to get a car of a friend and drove all the way to coimbatore. Only to find that the localite warded off all the dogs and stood neaby the calf for the whole night. The patient was a calf of 1 yr old abanonded by a dairy man for poor milk quality, dehydraded and so weak she can’t hold her head up. we took an truck filled with saw dust and brought her to palakkad. She was on drip for 2 days. She started eating very well and Now she is a healthy cow adotped by Sumitra Sriram who have named their beloved calf Swarna Seetha.
  • Veda
    Meet VEDA.She was rescued along with few other calves by us from a slaughter house.She was supposed to be slaughtered for a religious festival.We still wonder which God gets pleased when such innocent lives are killed.Millions of cows are slaughtered and she happens to be one lucky cow who escaped from the hands of abaitor.She is affecionately adopted by Balaji Srinivasan from thiruvellikeni who choose to name her VEDA.May the cows bless their family fully.Krishna is best pleased when his beloved cows are saved from slaughter.
  • Shravan
    Hi I am Shravan . I was kept in a market to be sold off to a buthcer because I am a bull. I was saved by loving devotees and right now I am in Dakshin Vrindavan. Today, I hear that I am adopted by Bhavya Chandrasekar. She has named me "Shravan". I am sending all my blessings and love to her.
  • Nallamma
    Nallamma is lovingly adopted by Subhash Nambiar. Subhash lives in Netherlands and hails from Payyannur village of Kerala. Subhash decided to adopt a cow and name her ''NALLAMMA'', in rememberance of a cow by the same name who lived in his house. This is what he had to say about his adopotion " I grew up drinking her milk. May her memories live through this new Nallamma."....... This wonderful gesture would surely be seen by the supreme lord and mother cow and even nallamma who would bless Subhash immensly!
  • Guru kripa
    Hi i am Gurukripa .I was tied up in a slaughter house in Tamilnadu when the team of Dakshin Vrindavan saved me from the cruel hands of buthers. Now, I am lovingly adopted by Sri Rangaswamy Rajam Iyengar & Karamadai Tirumalai Nallan Chakravarthi Venkatachariar families . They have named me "GURUKRIPA". I am gonna shower them and their children with blessings. They have saved me and now I would save them from all dangers!
  • Sita
    Hi I am sita. No I am not Seetha Lakshmi , I hear that there is another cow similar to me by looks by the name sitalakshmi. I am sita. I was saved from slaughter house along with Hayariva bull by the team of Dakshin Vrindavan. i was heavily bleeding when i came to Dakshin Vrindavan , Ah! now i have a the amibence of loving cows and caring devotees! now I hear that I am affectonately adopted by Ghanakota Krishna Chaitanya,Warangal. What more do I need?! By dear sponsor, please visit me whenver you can I would lick you with love for feeding me!
  • Ananadam
    Anandam was resuced by our team even when she was in her mothers womb. She was saved from slaughter house in Tamilnadu. Narayani Jasyasri from USA have adopted her and named her Anandam. May Anandam would bless Narayani immensly!
  • Yamuna
    Yamuna Adopted by Gayatri Ghanakota .Yamuna was tied up in a slaughter house in Tamilnadu and is of the desi cow breed of Tamilnadu. She was rescued by the volunteers of Dakshin Vrindavan and is in our Gaushala. Yamuna is very shy calf and spends her day eating and playing. Yamuna would bless Gayatri Ghanakota immensly for sponsoring for her maintanence in Dakshin Vrindavan
  • Balaram
    Balaram was born as a bull calf in a local commercial dairy farm. Since he was a bull he was considered 'unproductive' by the cruel farmer. He decided to sell it to a butcher. We went ahead and saved the bull. And he happens to be the founding member of Dakshin Vrindavan Gaushala. He is lovingly adopted by Sridhar Kalyanasundaram from Chennai
  • Sita lakshmi
    She was seen tied up in a slaughter house in Madurai . One of our volunteers who was on a temple tour saw this and called the cops. She was just 2 months old when we saved her. He just loaded the calf in his bolero and brought to us. When we examined her, she was completely covered with ticks and was severely malnourished. We gave her treatment for ticks and regular grooming. Behold! She just transformed herself to our love. Her skin tone changed and she is now a healthy calf!. We are so happy that Shankar Prasad has sponsored her.
  • Srinivasan
    He was found in an unconscious state in a slaughterhouse in Madurai. Our stalwart volunteer Sunita rescued him from the cruel hands of the butchers. He was given first aid medical care and was soon shifted to Care For Cows Dakshina Vrindavan Gaushala. Sinivasa is a very healthy bull . He likes to eat very much. Even when there is heavy downpour Srinivasa will be the only bull grazing :) ! . His skin is velvety and very soft. He is been lovingly adopted by Mrs PS from U.K. .
  • Adhira
    I am Adhira. I was not fed by my mother . Apparently, I was separated by her reasons known only to my previous owner . My mother was not allowed to meet me. But now I am in the safe hands of Dakshin Vrindavan Gaushala. There is plenty of sweet tender grass in the meadows and the devotees feed me bananas and jaggery daily . I love to be cuddled by them. Now I hear that I am getting adopted by Nithya Vasudevan from Scotland . I am sending all my blessings to Nithya.
  • Dhavali
    Hi I am "DHAVALI". I came to 'Care for cows dakshina Vrindavan' last month . I had developed vaginal prolapse and was getting quite uneasy in my previous diary. Now I am in the lush meadows of Dakshin Vrindavan . I was brought down here from banaglore by the loving devotees of Dakshina Vrindavan. Today on the auspicious day of ekadasi i hear that i have been adopted by Harish TS and his wife Anagha Krishnamorthy. They have named me DHAVALI in rememberance of the white cows of krishna by the name (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.35.19) . I bless the devout couple with prosperity and happiness.
  • Haridra
    The team of our Gaushala is delighted to announce the adoption of this beautiful gir cow by karthikeyan Shankardas. He has named this cow " HARIDHRA" wait for the transformation pic! She sends her blessings to karthikeyan and his family .
  • Bahula
    There is a sponsor for the other pair for gir! . Thanks a lot Praveen ramakrishnan for sponsoring her. "BAHULA" sends her blessings to you and to your family.
  • Subbalaksmi
    Hey I am Subbalakahsmi. I was sold to a buther by my previous owner . But guess what I was saved by the volunteers of Dakshin Vrindvan. Now, today I am lovingly adopoted by krishnan S. from bangalore. He has named me "Subbalakshmi". Thank you krishnan so much!.
  • Padma
    Hi everyone I am Padma . I came to the Gaushala of Dakshin vrindavan on an auspicious day . A day which has a rare combination of rohini and ekadasi. I was saved by the loving devotees of Dakshin Vrindavan, now a pious lady Bhooma Rengachari has adopted me as her mother. She has named me in the loving memory of her mother . I wish all sucess to Bhooma Rengachari.
  • Rangasri
    We are extrelemy happy to announce that this beautiful female calf of kankrej breed is been adopted by Srihari Raghavan and his wife Sandhya Srihari . The devout couple are from chennai and are the disciples of H.H. Ahobila mutt jeeyar. I am sure this act of kindness by the couple is vey much apprecialted by His Holiness. They have named this cow "RANGASRI" . Rangasri sends her immense blessings to this devout family !.
  • Nandini
    I am Nandini . I was old and was not giving enough milk to my previous owner. So I was unwanted and was about to be driven off to slaughter house .. But the supreme lord has different plan and I am with the loving devotees of Dkashin vrindavan. Now today I hear that I am being lovingly adopted by Mohanachandran Nair who is a native of Thiruvanthapuram. He works in Saudi and he has affectionately named me "NANDINI".
  • Harini
    I am HARINI . I was rescued by devotees of Care for Cows dakshina vrindavan from Managlore. I am shy 2 year old cow of unknown indian bread. Today on the auspicious day of ekadasi I was adopted by sathish Kumar from Ireland . He is native of Visakhapatanam but settled in Ireland . He has affectionately named me HARINI . I bless Satish Kumar and his family in immense prosperity and happiness.
  • Devi
    Hey i am DEVI. I was taken to a slaughter house by a cruel owner because I was not giving him the milk he wants. I can supply his needs but can I supply his greed? ... I was saved by volunteers of Dakshin Vrindavan. Now I am happy. I have befriended a small boy nearby!. He loves me a lot!. And now, today I hear that I am lovingly adopted by Rajaram Sriram from Nagapattinam... I am so happy to hear this! .
  • Jayalakshmi
    Hey I am Jayalakshmi. I am mother of Anandam. I was saved from slaughterhouse. I was about to be slaughtered even when I was pregnant. Soon after I was rescued I gave birth to Ananadam, a female calf. Both of us are in safe hands of Dakshin Vrindavan. I am adopted by Padmasini aka Aishwarya.
  • Lakhmi
    Mr Sivaraman and his beloved wife Dhanalakshmi came to our gaushala on 9th sept and spend some nice time cuddling and brushing the cows. They loved the gaushala and adopted a cow for themselves.she was named Lakshmi in memory of Mr and Mrs sivaraman's mother. Both of their children has already adopted cows. Lakshmi was rescued by us from managlore. Laksmi is a shy yet sturdy kankrej cow. Lakshmi sends her full blessings to the devout family.
  • Shyama
    Hi i am shyama. I was resuced in managlore by good hearted devotees. Today I am being sponsored by Sudhamayi Devi Dasi (swapna shaji) of kochin . Sudhamayi dDvi Dasi and her devout husband has decided to name me shyama. I am sending all my blessings to the devout couple and their two sons.
  • Komalam
    This is "KOMALA". She was rescued by loving devotees of 'Care for cows Dakshina vrindavan'. She is been adopted by Krishnan Jagannathan from chennai. KOMALA sends her blessings to krishnan and his family.
  • Shyamasundara
    shyamasundar adopted by mytri nandakumar bangalore.
  • Santhanam
    I am Santhanam. I am a kankrej bull . I was unwanted by by previous owner and was about to be driven off to slaughterhouse. I was saved by loving devotees of "Care for Cows Dakshina Vrindavan". I am lovingly adopted by Ranganathan from Thiru pullambhothamgudi. I bless him with all prosperity and happiness smile emoticon. He has affectionatley named as "SANTHANAM".
  • Gokul;
    A bull was seen tied up in a slaughterhouse in a place in Kerala called Aluva . pradeep and his team intervened and He is saved from the cruel hands of butchers. He is been adopted lovingly by KAVITA BALAJI from Pondicherry. kavita has decided to call her pet "GOKUL".
  • Hayagriva
    I am Haragriva , I am adopted lovingly by three friends Thupul Krishnan Sampath, Navaneetha Krishna and Ashwin Indore. They have lovingly named me Hayagriva., I was saved from slaughter house and have been having a great time in the middle of Devotees of Dakshin Vrindavan. By sposnoring me these three friends! opps!... Donors of mine have sponored for my upkeep in Dakshin Vrindavan ! I would bless them immensly for this kind gestue.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers and donors.