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Indian Cows & Cruelty inflicted on them!

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H.G. Kruma Rupa Dasa

The main inspiration behind starting a cow protection venture is H.G. Kurma Rupa Dasa . Kruma Rupa Dasa, disciple of A.C.Swami Prabhupada started Care for cows project in Vrindavan. He was a great inspiration for people throughout the world. Upon Kurma Rupa, visiting Dakshin Vrindavan, e was very much attracted top it for the care given to the cows. And very soon we became partners.

Kurma Rupa Dasa was especially close to our founder Ashwin Sampatkumaran. Both of them shared neutral deep love for cows. Thus they established Dakshin Vrindavan as cow protection project in South India, in partnership with Care for Cows Vrindavan. This project was the first of its kind in South India, thus inspiring thousands to take up cow protection. Kurma Rupa Dasa emphasized and showed people the transcendental nature of cows and their protection..

Kurma Rupa Dasa made Dakshin Vrindavan as one of the independent branch of care for cows, and vested Ashwin Sampatkumaran with specific instructions regarding his cow protection venture, before departing this world on 27 June 2015.

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Cow protection is not a charity but
a social responsibility


Rescued Cows

These cows are saved from slaughter houses and during cruel transportation.

Cows rescued were injured

Butchers and reckless drivers are often a threat to the cows. Sometimes severely injuring them. We save these cows and provide them life long protection and medical care.

cows were malnutrition-ed

Bull calves are often denied their fare share of milk by cruel farmers. We rescue those calves and bring them to Dakshin Vrindavan as life residents.

cows were found killed in slaughter houses

Many cows fall to the cruel hands of Butchers before we reach the spot. Often lack of amenities(transportation, vehicle etc) are the reason why we are not able to save their lives. Help us.

Please feel to reach us

You can visit our Gaushala. Our Gaushala is located in Palakkad, Kerala. Take a look at the Google map which contains the route map to our Gaushala.

Our Gaushala would be open on all days from 10 AM till 5PM. Please let us know prior to you visit so that we can arrange for your stay and visit.

Do not forget to inform Adv. Ashwin Sampatkumar so that you can have a wonderful visit to our Gaushala.


Please feel to contact us

You can send a post or package or courier to Adv. Ashwin Sampatkumar in the Postal address to your right.

You can call us or send a e-mail to us in the email given to the right side of the screen.

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Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers and donors.